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Your smile is special…

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…but only if you show it. Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you. Dr. John Buzza, DDS is the leader in Santa Rosa serving his patients with leading edge cosmetic solutions. If you’re hiding your smile, rediscover its beauty with a make over by Dr. John Buzza, DDS in his Santa Rosa dental office.

Dr. Buzza and his team of cosmetic dental professionals understand that a beautiful smile can brighten every facet of your life – professionally and socially. Cosmetic dentistry is not a major operation like plastic surgery can be. In as little as one visit to our Santa Rosa dental office, cosmetic dental care can bring you the smile you have always dreamed of with less time taken away from your busy life. There are a variety of cosmetic dental treatments available to you that will result in an attractive, youthful, natural looking smile!

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