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ABC’s choice for Extreme Makeover

The hit ABC television series “Extreme Makeover” selected North Bay dentist Dr. John Buzza to star in an episode featuring five traditional housewives seeking a new life and new look. Dr. Buzza has distinguished himself as a leader in cosmetic dentistry and is well respected by his peers in the industry. Dr. Buzza treated the subjects of the episode and each housewife found the transformation and treatment comfort extraordinary. Dr. Buzza is also well known for his use of “sleep dentistry” to decrease the number of visits necessary for reconstructive or cosmetic dentistry that traditionally require multiple visits. Another reason the production team from Extreme Makeover selected Dr. Buzza was his ability to treat each of the participants in a single visit which fit into tight production deadlines.

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KOIS Distinguished Mentor



(Santa Rosa)

Leading North Bay dentist, Dr. John Buzza was recently awarded the vaunted “Distinguished Mentor” status at the Kois Center in Seattle Washington. The Kois Center state-of-the art dental training center provides a rich environment for advancing the training and use of advanced dentistry. The Kois Center is a leading dental training program serving dentists from around the world.

As a distinguished mentor, Dr. Buzza will continue to act as a Guest Instructor to over 500 Kois Center member dentists. While in Seattle Dr. Buzza did a presentation to 200 Mentors and Clinical Instructors teaching them how to provide services to patients that are innovative, time efficient for the patient, and more cost effective than other alternatives.

Dr. Buzza has been serving his North Bay patients for over 25 years and was the first dentist to bring sedation dentistry to the area. He is also leading the industry in the use of innovative mini dental implants that make replacement teeth more comfortable.

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Voted Best Dentist…

Dr. John Buzza continues to distinguish himself as a patient favorite for his sensitive treatment on patients who might otherwise be wary of dental care. “Sleep Dentistry” is a ground breaking practice first brought to the North Bay by Dr. Buzza 15 years ago. He continues to bring new technology with the introduction of Mini Dental Implants that eliminate use of creams, powders, and glues for patients using dentures or replacement teeth. And, his office in one of the only offices in Northern California using cold laser treatment which eliminates sutures and speeds recovery time. Using a laser Dr. Buzza modifies gum tissue, eliminates diseased tissue and treats gum disease and bone deterioration with amazing results and unbelievable recovery times.

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