Great place. Terrific, caring staff--every single one without exception! Best dental care I've ever received! I have a family member who drives from San Jose to see Dr. Buzza! If you live in the area, you'd be foolish not to avail yourself of him and his staff!

Special Offers

Special Offers

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Team Buzza is committed to making you feel comfortable and cared for! To do this we want to make our practice accessible to you. Do you need a professional cleaning? Are you experiencing discomfort and want to find out what’s going on in your mouth? We believe that it shouldn’t bust your bank account!

We offer new patients several great ways to get started with us. If you have a current issue, such as pain, bite problems, poorly-fitted dentures, or many others, we’ll give you a consultation, an exam, and any necessary x-rays for just $27. This is over $100 off the usual rate and allows you to address a problem that has been troubling you. We also offer a cleaning, a consultation, an exam, and x-rays for only $107. This is $200 off the regular price and includes all new patients who don’t have periodontal disease.

For the low, low price of FREE, we offer:

  • Cosmetic consultations – Get that smile you have always wanted in as little as one visit. A bright smile can lighten up every facet of your life. We want to give you the chance to talk to us about it!
  • Sedation evaluations – Is anxiety stopping you from coming to the dentist? Do you have a specific dental issue or just know that it’s time for a visit? We can let you know if sedation, or sleep, dentistry is appropriate. It makes your visit painless and decreases recovery time. If you need multiple procedures, we can address them in a single visit while you comfortably nap! 
  • Second opinions – If you’ve been diagnosed with a serious problem or feel unsure of your dentist’s recommendation, a second opinion is an excellent idea. A diagnosis of oral cancer is a great candidate for a second opinion. Extensive oral surgery, such as tooth extraction or crown and bridge work, are other cases in which you might want to ask us our opinion. Are you feeling pushed into more aggressive treatments than feels right to you? Sit down with us and we’ll give you the straight scoop at no cost.

New Patient Referral

“Our patients are the best…and the best way for us to share our practice with new patients! Ask us about the $50 referral bonus we give every one of our patients when they invite their friends, family, and co-workers to treat their dental needs at our office. You can take the cash as a $50 VISA card, or we would be thrilled to discount your next visit by $50 when one of your referrals seeks treatment at our office.”

Dr. Buzza, DDS


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