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“The entire team is incredibly friendly. The office atmosphere is welcoming, the facility always looks “neat as a pin”. They take great care with each one of their patients.”

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For the best dental care near Rohnert Park, contact Buzza Dental Group! Named Best Dentist in Sonoma County for 8 years running, we provide complete dental services near Healdsburg and Rohnert Park. From routine exams to cosmetic dentistry, Team Buzza offers everything you need for a happy, healthy smile. We also offer several types of sedation dentistry to make your visit more comfortable–or make it easier to have several procedures done in a single visit. At our office, you’ll always feel welcome and well-cared for!

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Complete Dental Services Near Healdsburg & Rohnert Park

At Buzza Dental Group, we want to make it easy for our patients to recieve high-quality dental care. That’s why you’ll find complete dental care in-house. There’s no need for referrals or to drive to different providers.

We offer the following dental care services for Rohnert Park and Healdsburg patients:

General Dentistry

  • Teeth Cleaning
  • Preventive Care

General dentistry is essentially primary care for your teeth and gums. During your appointment, we’ll evaluate your overall oral health and address any concerns we find. In some cases, we may also give you tips on brushing and flossing. General dentistry allows us to spot minor issues that could develop into more serious problems. It’s the best way to keep your smile healthy and prevent issues like tooth decay and gum disease.  

Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry focuses on repairing damaged teeth or replacing missing teeth. Damaged and missing teeth can make it difficult to enjoy your favorite foods–and smile with confidence. Damaged teeth often cause pain, swelling, and infections, while missing teeth can lead to bone loss and shifting teeth. Using restorative dentistry techniques, Team Buzza can help you get your smile back in perfect working order! 

Cosmetic Dentistry

Sometimes patients have healthy teeth–but they don’t look picture perfect. That’s where cosmetic dentistry comes in. We offer a range of creative solutions to address a variety of concerns, including crowding, staining, discoloration, chips, and misshapen or irregular-sized teeth. 

Emergency Dentistry

  • Chipped tooth
  • Knocked out tooth
  • Toothaches

Even with the best dental care, emergencies can still happen. And when they do, it’s important to address them right away. Dental emergencies are generally any oral health concern that requires immediate care to stop bleeding, pain, and swelling. They also include concerns like cracked teeth, infections, missing fillings, or broken crowns. If we can treat these issues early enough, we can often save the tooth, prevent infections, and get you on the road to a speedy recovery. 

Schedule an Appointment for Dental Care Near Rohnert Park & Healdsburg 

Regardless of your dental health challenges or goals, we’re confident you’ll love visiting Team Buzza. We take the time to explain everything in clear, easily understandable terms so you can make the most informed decisions for your smile. You also won’t have to worry about being pushed into a procedure. We’ll simply take a look and explain your options. Then you let us know what works best for you!

To schedule an appointment, contact Team Buzza today at 707-573-0600 or request an appointment online. 

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