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“The entire team is incredibly friendly. The office atmosphere is welcoming, the facility always looks “neat as a pin”. They take great care with each one of their patients.”

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Are you looking for teeth whitening in the Healdsburg area? Team Buzza gives you back your confidence with that dazzling smile you’ve been dreaming of! Though there are many over-the-counter whitening products out there, most just don’t work. Not only is the quality poor, but some also contain ingredients that can harm your teeth and gums. We provide professional teeth whitening that is gentle. Your well-being is always our top concern, and our procedure brightens your smile safely and comfortably.

The Best Teeth Whitening Serivces

Are your teeth discolored or stained? Professional teeth whitening is easy, efficient, and affordable. We first make impressions of your teeth. Those impressions are then used to create custom trays. You can pick up the trays and a special bleaching agent just a few days later. You then wear the trays for a few hours a day for one or two weeks—it’s up to you! Wear them until you think they look great. Occasional re-treatments are all you need to keep you smiling brightly!

Professional Services for All Ages

Perfect for patients of all ages, professional teeth whitening gets you the results you want. Dental bleach is the first option—it is usually enough to provide the whiteness you want. Because it’s inexpensive, it’s often worth trying first. For a more severe case, we might give you the option of crowns or veneers. If these types of procedures make you anxious, we have sedation dentistry to rid you of your dental chair anxiety. You only take a small pill, fall into a restful sleep, and awaken to your new smile. And don’t let the fear of financial concerns stop you. We have specials and financing to make that comfortable, too!

With over 35 years of experience, we offer creative solutions and a full slate of general, restorative, and cosmetic services for all of your dental needs. To schedule an appointment with Team Buzza for teeth whitening in the Healdsburg area, call 707-573-0600 or contact us online today!

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I’ve been going to John Buzza for 40 plus years. He and his staff are second to none and I consider them part of the family.

Dr. Buzza, DDS


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