Did You Know?

  • When you sleep through your dental treatment your body remains relaxed and calm. That means none of the “flight or fight” hormones will be able to onset, decreasing your recovery time following your sedation appointment. Sedation dentistry not only takes away your fear and discomfort, but your entire body will feel better as you awake rested and ready to take on the world with your incredible new smile.

Woman with her eyes closed

  • You can get your new smile today and pay tomorrow as we offer three different financing plans. Our Patient Coordinator will make sure that every effort is made to find a plan that fits your budget. Don’t wait, give us a call today!
  • Our CO2 laser allows us to eliminate incisions in our daily dental treatments. That means faster recovery, less use of local anesthetics, and in many cases, for those who battle bone erosion we see new bone growth with the use of our laser. We are one of the only dental centers in Northern California to have the Deka laser.
  • We made a $10,000 contribution to the St. Joseph Health Systems Mobile dental clinic as a part of our Smiles for Sonoma promotion. By offering half off teeth whitening we were able to raise the cash to help St. Joseph’s provide dental treatment to children in our community who would not otherwise receive it.
  • Those who have missing teeth or dentures have a new permanent alternative to caps, glues, and powders. They are called mini-dental implants. In around one hour you can have secure confidence that opens the door to eating crusty bread, corn on the cob, and more. Learn more on our mini-dental implants page.
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