Sleep Dentistry

Are you familiar with sleep dentistry? The Buzza Dental Group in Santa Rosa wants you to feel safe and comfortable every time you visit us for a dental procedure. It’s not uncommon for patients to ignore issues with their teeth due to fear or anxiety. However, now there is another option.

Our sleep dentist is skilled, professional, and friendly. Not only are you in good hands, but we guarantee your complete satisfaction. Our entire team will make your experience as quick, convenient, and pain-free as possible.

Looking for a Sleep Dentist Near Me?

If you’ve ever searched for “a sleep dentist near me,” then sedation dentistry is for you. The process is simple: Take a small pill, fall into a deep sleep, and when you wake up, we’ll have completed the requested work.

With sleep dentistry, we can take care of myriad dental issues in a single visit. The best part: When you’re asleep, your body doesn’t create a “flight or fight” hormone. As a result, you’ll be able to heal much faster. You’ll even wake up feeling calm and relaxed.

Also known as a “chill pill,” with sedation dentistry, you’ll never stress about going to the dentist’s office again. So, are you ready to get started?

Showed up for my appointment a few minutes early and they came and got me just a couple minutes later. Always very nice people. I had my teeth cleaned and it was a good experience.

The Best Sleep Dentist Around

Stop looking for “a sleep dentist near me.” Instead, let the Buzza Dental Group assist you with all your dental needs. Not only are we proud to offer sedation dentistry, but we are the only certified IV sedation dentistry office in Santa Rosa!

You can have the smile you want and deserve! Just give us a call today.

Contact Us for Sleep Dentistry Today!

Sleep dentistry can be for you! If you’re interested in learning more, contact the Buzza Dental Group in Santa Rosa today by calling (707) 573-0600. We look forward to hearing from you. With our assistance, you’ll be proud of your smile and feel confident in no time.

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