Privacy Promise

Your privacy is crucial to us. It’s part of our overall commitment to ensure you feel comfortable and care for when you walk into our offices. Of course, we strictly comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). But we also take the sanctity of private dental treatment to a new level. What happens when you’re here is your business, and your business alone.

We’ll never discuss your personal information where anyone else might overhear it.  Your medical records are sealed and are only opened during treatments and consultations. We’ll never sell or pass along your personal contact information to other vendors. Unless you permit us, your dental records will not be shared with other family members or practitioners.

We understand that coming to the dentist can be intimidating. Perhaps you’ve had previous experiences at offices that weren’t as committed to your care and comfort. In these cases, you might suffer extreme anxiety about sitting down in a dental chair. We understand. We’ve been on both sides of the chair! Feeling nervous is normal – you’re not alone! We’ll spend as much time as you need to make sure that you feel listened to and supported. Aside from following strict privacy standards and taking the time to make sure you are comfortable as possible, we can also ease your worry with sedation dentistry. We’ll give a small pill and you’ll fall into a restful sleep. When you wake up, your dental care will be complete. We can even take care of years of dental issues in a single visit! It’s safe, comfortable, and your healing time will be quicker than if you weren’t sedated.

We want you to have the confidence that comes with knowing your personal information will remain private. Our mission is to create a smile that will last you a lifetime and our rigorous privacy policy is a critical component of this effort!

Dr. Buzza, DDS


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