Why Digital Radiology? Why Not!

Setting yourself apart from your competition is an important part of establishing any successful business. Providing exceptional customer service, or promoting special offers may set you apart, but as a dentist in an age of technological advancement, you also have an opportunity to differentiate your practice by implementing cutting edge technology. However, constantly staying ahead of the curve and impressing patients with new treatment options is expensive, time consuming, and can be daunting. There are positives and negatives to every decision, and investing in improved technology such as digital radiology is no exception. If you can see past some of the initial concerns, you may realize its presence in your office makes the days smoother, more productive, and more rewarding for your staff, your patients, and yourself.

Digital RadiologyAdvantages

  • Instant, Alterable Images

One of the greatest advantages of digital radiology when compared to traditional film-based radiology is that the images appear immediately and can be digitally enhanced. You can both instantly and securely send them to a colleague for collaboration, plus change the color or contrast of images to make them clearer. Because you are able to digitally enhance unclear images, less “retakes” will be required, saving time and money!

  • Patient Education

Another clear advantage of digital radiology is the improvement in patient education. When patients are able to visualize the problem, studies show they are more likely to accept treatment. Patients appreciate seeing a clear, easily explained image of their mouth. Including these images in the diagnostic process will help stress the value of treatment.

  • Reduced Radiation

Digital radiology produces 70-95% less radiation than traditional film-based radiology. This not only protects your employees and patients from potentially harmful levels of radiation, but it is also much more environmentally friendly. X-ray development chemicals and lead foils that can end up in landfills and the water system are eliminated with digital radiology. Patients also value offices that make efforts toward becoming more environmentally conscious.

  • Efficiency

With digital radiology, the time you and your staff used to spend prepping and processing x-rays can now be put toward excelling in patient care and optimizing appointments. Productivity will greatly increase so that the initial cost of digital equipment may pay for itself within as little as 11 months!

While digital radiology may have its limitations, the benefits of improved patient education, environmental impact, clarity and efficiency, in most cases will outweigh the initial investment.