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Dental Care while you SLEEP!

“Sedation” dental care is the fastest growing alternative to traditional dental treatment. By sleeping through your dental treatment we can do more in one visit rather than multiple visits making it convenient. You feel nothing, your recovery is faster, and you wake up without feeling groggy or experiencing stomach upset. Our patients tell us they love it, because…


“I couldn’t afford to make lots of visits to Dr. Buzza’s office to complete my treatment…I just don’t have the time. With sleep dentistry, I just slept comfortably for four or five hours while the doctor took days off my treatment!”


Woman laying down and closing her eyes

“I was never comfortable in a dentist’s chair. Dr. Buzza gave me a tiny pill and when I woke up he was all done, I felt nothing, and now I look forward to my dental appointments…really!”


Dr. Buzza explained that when your body goes into a “fight or flight” mode it releases hormones and chemicals that can leave your muscles tight and tired. While sedated, your body is relaxed and all those corrosive chemicals are absent. I woke up feeling refreshed and relaxed…instead of just relieved!”

What Can You Expect

Just prior to your dental treatment we will give you a small “Chill Pill” about half the size of an aspirin. You will be completely relaxed when we begin the IV Sedation and you will gently fall asleep, although we can easily rouse you out of slumber if we need to. We will allow you to sleep for the entire treatment plan, even if it takes 4+ hours to restore your smile. You will wake up refreshed, and clear headed. Our patients seldom experience the stomach upset associated with traditional anesthetics.

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