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The Santa Rosa general dentist services offered by Dr. John Buzza, DDS include treatments ranging from routine dental exams to root canals, teeth cleaning to fillings and crowns. Dr. Buzza stresses to all of his Santa Rosa patients that having good general dental health is equal to having good general overall health. Far too often people in Santa Rosa think that if they are in good physical shape – their mouth is automatically healthy as well. The absence of pain in one’s mouth now does not necessarily mean that you have good dental health. Only a general dentist can evaluate the health of your mouth and teeth. Most Santa Rosa residents with gum disease are unaware they have it. Tooth decay usually starts small and gradually increases. A person will not feel it until it is large and often already into the nerve. Good dental hygiene requires regular dental exams and cleanings. This allows our team to catch dental problems early and prevent future dental pain, time in the dental office, expense and worst of all – tooth loss.

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