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Getting shuffled from specialist to specialist can make dental care feel like you’re lost in a maze. You keep looking for a way out, but one path leads to another until exasperation sets in. We work hard to make sure you feel comfortable and cared for in our offices. We don’t want you to have to go to another office that might be less warm and welcoming. That’s why we have virtually eliminated the referral process.

The Best Dental Services for You

Buzza Dental Group offers nearly every dental service under one roof:

  • Complete Restorative Dentistry: corrects so-called permanent dental problems. These include missing teeth, gaps, bite dysfunction, teeth that are chipped, cracked or worn, crooked or crowded teeth.
  • Cosmetic Dentistry: leading-edge cosmetic solutions to give you a beautiful smile.
  • Implant Dentistry: placing titanium posts in the jawbone where teeth are missing.
  • Cold laser surgery: use of low-intensity light energy. Whitens teeth, lengthens crowns, performs root canals, removes canker sores, and more. 
  • Denture fitting and modifications: Making sure your dentures fit right and work perfectly.
  • Mini Dental Implants for Dentures: an option for patients who don’t want the invasive surgery required for regular implants. Mini-implants are also a great solution for patients who don’t have the bone mass in their jaws to hold regular implants.
  • Laser Gum Disease treatment: a tissue-preserving, regenerative, and bone-building procedure that kills infected tissue and bacteria.
  • Crowns and bridges: a reliable solution for dental problems caused by accidents, disease, and wear and tear.
  • Color Restoration: replacing your “silver” fillings with natural tooth-colored fillings.
  • Root Canal Therapy: the damaged nerve and pulp are removed, and the inside of the tooth is cleaned and sealed. 
  • Bite Restoration: opening a patient’s bite with full mouth restoration can give the same aesthetic result as a face-lift.

Affordable and Convenient Dental Services

Many dentists refer these procedures out to a periodontist, endodontist, or prosthodontist. Instead, we keep it in-house. Because we also offer Sleep Dentistry, there is an opportunity to combine procedures in one appointment without the need for traditional anesthesia that can extend your recovery time. All you have to do is take a nap!

Black Woman Having Dental Drill Procedure During Teeth Treatment At Dentist's Office.

I had a great experience. I felt the entire staff was friendly, professional, and quite informative. I felt well cared for and would recommend this establishment to anyone.

Dr. Buzza, DDS


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