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“The entire team is incredibly friendly. The office atmosphere is welcoming, the facility always looks “neat as a pin”. They take great care with each one of their patients.”

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Mini dental implants offer Rohnert Park patients a quick, effective way to restore their smiles! Using mini dental implants, we can replace several of your teeth in a single office visit. They’ll look natural and you’ll be able to chew, smile, and talk with ease. Dental implants are truly the next best thing to your natural teeth. Plus, unlike dentures, implants are a permanent solution to tooth loss. No messy adhesives or other issues that can come with them. If you’ve been searching for options to restore your smile, give Buzza Dental Group a call today at 707-573-0600 to schedule an appointment.

Mini Dental Implants for You

Whether you have one missing tooth or several, tooth loss can really impact your ability to enjoy life to the fullest. They’re a cosmetic issue that can affect your self-esteem and confidence, as well as a health issue. Missing teeth can cause your existing teeth to shift, which can cause orthodontic issues like crowded or crooked teeth. These can make it harder to brush and floss thoroughly, so your existing teeth may be more prone to cavities and tooth decay. Missing teeth can also cause bone loss or affect the muscle tone in your face. Mini dental implants are the perfect solution for many patients with tooth loss. You’ll have full function of your mouth and will feel confident whenever you flash your smile.

What Are My Options?

Dental implants come in two sizes: standard and mini. Standard implants take a while to fuse to the bone, but mini implants are smaller, so they heal more quickly and are a good option for patients with bone loss. Mini teeth implants also have a special ball-shaped end that can be used with a fixed artificial tooth or with dentures. Both types of implants are more convenient, comfortable, and natural than any other type of tooth restoration available today. And with proper care, they’ll last a lifetime!

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We understand how even one missing tooth can impact your life; dental implants can make a tremendous difference! In fact, many of our patients have told us that their implants changed their life. And if you have any anxiety about the procedure, we offer safe, comfortable sedation dentistry to help you relax. We also offer third-party interest-free financing to help you get the care you need, no matter your financial concerns. If you live in the Rohnert Park area and would like to find out if dental implants are right for you, contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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Always a joy to visit the office. The entire staff is welcoming and kind. My hygienist is the absolute best! Buzza is a funny and seriously talented dentist. Not often you can say you look forward to going to the dentist . 5 stars from me!

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