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Tired of being afraid to show the world your smile? If you have one or more missing teeth, the caring professionals at Buzza Dental Group have the perfect option for you: Teeth in a Day. It is an innovative solution to tooth loss where we replace one or more teeth with dental implants in a single visit. In addition to saving you the hassle of multiple procedures, your new teeth will look and feel natural. They will enable you to chew, talk, and laugh with confidence. Are you willing to spend a few hours in our warm, welcoming office to invest in a smile that will last a lifetime? If you’re from Cloverdale and want to learn about same day dental implants, contact us at 707-573-0600 or schedule a consultation online today!

We know how self-conscious you might feel because of missing teeth. We also know that these gaps aren’t just a cosmetic concern. Missing teeth cause other teeth to shift. This can cause crowding or alignment issues, making it harder to brush and floss properly. Missing teeth can also affect your jawbone and facial muscles. As you might already know, it can even make it a hassle to enjoy your favorite foods. That’s why same day dental implants are so exciting! They enable us to address cosmetic and oral health concerns in a single visit.

Quick and Effective

Same day dental implants are also perfect if you don’t have the time to come back for more than one procedure. It’s so simple! We give you durable, permanent teeth by implanting small titanium posts and affixing artificial teeth to them. All in a single visit! Implants have tremendous advantages over traditional dentures. You won’t have to worry about taking them out and then trying to remember where you put them. Also, there’s no hassling with messy adhesives or suction to hold them in place. One more reason implants are a great choice? You’ll never worry about cavities again!

If just the thought of dental surgery makes you anxious, we also offer sedation dentistry. You simply take a small “chill pill” that puts you in a relaxing nap and awaken refreshed and renewed with a brand new smile! We also know affordability can be an issue, which is why we offer convenient third-party financing, as well as special offers for new Cloverdale patients. Contact Buzza Dental Group for dental implants, and we can fill that missing gap in your mouth and life in a single visit!

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