As you would expect…an associate!

We have been searching for just the right practitioner to enrich our team in an effort to better serve you!
Enter Dr. Luke Landeros!
It takes a special person to embrace the philosophy of service and to exceed our patients’ expectations.
A graduate of the same school that Dr. Buzza attended, so we know he knows his stuff. An avid learner and capable study. You will find him a wonderful addition to an already stellar team. His talents are many and he holds himself to the same high standards of integrity that you are accustomed to with the rest of Team Buzza.
We look forward to introducing Dr. Landeros to you when you are here. We appreciate the trust you have put in Dr. Buzza and the rest of the team and we know that as you become comfortable with Dr. Landeros you will have the same trust in him.

Welcome Dr. Landeros!!!